Sensors For Gas Analysis

cardio pulmonary stress test with ACE-DXmed

The ACEOS GmbH is a German company based in Bavaria. We manufacture sensors for gas analysis for medical, health and sports markets. E.g. measure oxygen, carbon dioxide and flow rates quickly and accurately. The products are used worldwide in cardiopulmonary stress testing, patient monitors and ventilators, but also used in bio-engineering companies and in metabolic analysis equipment. ACEOS sensors are RoHS compliant, maintenance and wear-free and can be calibrated with ambient air.


In addition, ACEOS unique services in respiratory gas analysis. We are happy to assist you with our application know-how in the realization of your product.

Our products

  • ACE-Xmed - O2 analyser
  • ACE-DXmed - O2 - CO2 measurenment module
  • ACE-DXV O2 - CO2 - flow measurenment module (NEW: with optional breath analysis)

Our customers

Our international customers are for example ISO 13485 certified producers of cardiopulmonary exercise testing devices, respiratory devices or lung function equipment, patient monitors as well as companies from the sports and fitness, where as with the ACE-DXV determines the metabolism of a subject by analysing the respiratory gases.

Here you will find an extract of our customer list...